Version 2.0-

With iDeserveThis version 2.0 and beyond a score is added for every activity you add, which is displayed in the Rating view.

All predefined tasks has a fixed score independent of the tasks reward value. The score is calculated by day, week and month.

In this view the 3 highest scores, including your score if it's among the 3 highest, is displayed.

There is 6 different score lists which are divided into the time periods "Today", "Yesterday", "This week", "Last week", "This month" and "Last month". Your username is displayed with green background color, while the highest score is displayed with yellow background color (if you have the high score your username is displayed with green background color).

If your username is not present in a list, you can click on the list to see the complete list, including your username.

To connect with friends,
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Detailed rating

By selecting a list in the rating view, a detailed rating list is opened. Here you will see your own and all your friends score and rank.

Push the back button (the left arrowed button in the upper left part of the view) to go back to the other rating lists.