Version 2.0-

In this view all your connected friends are listed.
version 2.5 this also includes users of the iDeserveControl App, in which parents/guardians can get an overview of your registrations. With the Control service activated on the iDeserveControl App, all your registrations have to be approved by this user before the value of the registration is accounted for.

A connection can have one of 4 different status indicators, which is displayed as a header text with green, blue or red background color.

The status indicators "Waiting reply" and "Request" has blue background color, where the first indicates that you are waiting for a reply on a request, and the second indicates a friends has asked to connect to your app. For the latter status indicator you can choose to "Accept" or "Deny".

The third status indicator is "Active" with green background, and says there is an active connection to this friend. The fourth status indicator is "Inactive" with red background color, and says that your friend has deleted the connection to your app.

You can delete a connection at any time by pushing the "Delete" button.

Push the refresh button in the upper left corner to refresh the list of connected friends (the list is automatically refreshed every time you select this view).

Search users

By pushing the search button in the upper right corner, the search view opens. From this view you can search for other users using the iDeserveThis App, or users of the iDeserveControl App.

Enter the username for the user you want to search for, or the first letters of the username. After entering the search letters, push the search button on the keyboard. A list of usernames matching the search letters you entered will populate the list. Be aware that only the first 25 search matches are displayed in the list, and you should enter enough letters to get a search match list less than 25 usernames.

To request a connection to your App, click the green button on the right side of the username. If the user is already connected to your App, a grey image of two persons are displayed and you cannot select this.