Activity Details

These views shows details about the activities added for the selected time period. Available time periods are week and month, and for both time periods there are two level of details. The first level lists every task with total earnings and the number of registrations, and on the top of the view the week/month total. On the second level every registration on the selected task is listed with registration time and added reward value.

This button is displaying week number and the total earned value for this week (all tasks). This is exactly the same for the month details view.

Push this button to go back to the activity view. This is exactly the same for the month details view.

Scroll one week/month backward.

Scroll one week/month forward.

The type of reward is shown on the top of the view.

Push a task in the list to see every registration in a detailed list.

Every registration for the selected task is listed by day name, date, time of day and reward value. Push the Edit button in the upper right corner to put the list in edit mode.

Version 2.5
In this version there will be a label with grey background with a text saying: "Approved by …", with the approvers username and the date and time for approval. This is only the case if the App is connected to a iDeserveControl App with the Control service active. Registrations done before a control user is connected, will have a label saying: "Self approved - prior to iDControl".

Push the Delete icon on the line/registration you want to delete.

The Edit button changes name to Finished, and a Delete icon appears in front of every registration.

After pushing the Delete icon on a registration, a Delete button appears on the end of the line. Push this button to delete the registration. Push the Finished button when you are finished with editing.

Another way to delete a registration is to swipe your finger from left to right on the registration you want to delete. Push the Delete button which appears at the end of the line to delete the registration.

Push the Return button to return to the Activity Details list.