In the Approve view, all non approved activities the connected iDeserveThis users has entered (Approve service only), are listed.

At the top of the view you select Activity or Reward. The number of activities and rewards that are not approved are shown as white figures with red background. Press the refresh button at the top left of the view to read activities or rewards from the connected users.

The activities are sorted with the newest at the top and the oldest at the bottom. Every activity has the day name as a header, with the username just below. The date the activity was performed is seen just below the activity name.

You choose to approve or deny every activity. If you deny an activity the iDeserveThis user will be notified when his/hers App is updated.

Rewards are organized in the same way as activities, and denied or confirmed by you as a user of iDeserveControl.

Service not activated
If you are not connected iDeserveThis users, using the Control service, the Approve view will look like the image to the right.