Connect to iDeserveThis user

To use this app you need to connect to one or more iDeserveThis users. Select the Connections tab at lower right of the view.

Press the search button on the upper right corner to open the view for searching iDeserveThis users.

Find users
Touch inside the search field and enter the name (or the first part of the name) for the user you want to find, and press the search button at the bottom right of display keyboard.

After a while all usernames that match the search term you entered are listed. If the user you are searching does not appear, try searching with the first 3-4 letters of the username. Push the green button to the right of the username to connect to the user.

Select service
You will now be prompted to select type of service for the selected user. The Overview service gives you an overview of all the activities the iDeserveThis user enters in his/hers App, while with the Control service you are required to approve all activities the iDeserveThis user enters (registrations in iDeserveThis are not accounted for until they are approved by you).

You can choose to purchase one of the services, or you can choose to try one of the services for free for 30 days. There are no obligations with trying a service for free, but after 30 days the service stops working. You can then continue by buying one of the services.

You will now be notified that the request is sent to the user and return to the Connections view. The user status will be Waiting reply until the user has approved connection in his/hers App.

iDeserveThis users can also look up your username and query a connection to your App. In this case, the user will have the status Request, and you have to press Select service to connect to the user.
By pushing the Select service button you are taken to the view for selecting type of service - as described above. Alternatively, you can choose to reject the connection request.

When both you and the iDeserveThis user has accepted connection, the status changes to Active. Now you are able to see which service you use and for how long time it is valid.

Both you and the iDeserveThis user can at any time choose to delete the connection, but purchased services will be valid until the valid to date. You can always connect again without having to pay for the service (within the validity period of the service).