The Approve view shows all registered activities which is not yet approved. From this view you choose to approve or reject with a touch of a button

Having kids using the iDeserveThis App, you can say…

iDeserveControl iPhone and iPod touch App - The App that provides overview and control with the activities your kids add to the iDerserveThis App.

iDeserveControl is designed to provide parents/guardians overview and control with activities and rewards the kids add to iDeserveThis. The App provides a quick overview for the last 7 days of registrations in a separate view. From the overview view, you can see total activity for the month for each connected user.

By clicking on a user you navigate to the Week view, which shows the total activity for the week and for every day of the selected week. From this view you can choose a day to see the various activities added and approved that day.

A user of iDeserveControl can connect to as many iDeserveThis users she/he wants. In addition, several iDeserveControl users can be connected to the same iDeserveThis user simultaneously. This means that all parents/guardians can be connected to all their children.

You find detailed information about iDeserveControl
For questions, contact support: support.idt@app24seven.com

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